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CBT Therapist Application for Training in Tinnitus Management

By completing this application form, you are not commiting to undertaking the training, and we are NOT offering you a training place at this stage

In the first instance, where you have an interest in undertaking training in Tinnitus Management, please complete the form below.

You do need to have some capacity in your clinic week a) to undertake the training and b) to work with tinnitus clients of course. You will be responsible for finding your own clients; however, as more therapists train, so the likelihood of referrals will grow. It is up to you what fees you charge clients - I will be happy to discuss this with you when we meet.

When I receive your form (you too will receive a copy of your form by email) I will email you with an appointment time. Please check your Spam or Junk folders if you don't receive an appointment time in your Inbox! I will also text you provided you have included a mobile telephone number.

Completing this form will lead to a one on one meeting using the online telehealth video platform Zoom - similar to Skype and FaceTime but very secure and very stable. All you need is a good internet connection, webcam and audio (usually in-built in most laptops) or a tablet or smart phone, and approximately 30-45 minutes. I book the date and time and send you an email with the URL for the meeting. It's that simple.

After our appointment, where you wish to go ahead, your application will be put to the Board Members of the Tinnitus Community Interest Company to sanction your training - or not.

Unless there is good reason, please keep any questions until our appointment.

The email address used to send you your copy of your completed form is tinman@tinnitusproject.co.uk


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 Monday 2-5 Wednesday 9-12
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